We Are ONE

The promise of a better world for all of us

The mission of Our New Evolution (ONE) is to catalyze a values-based movement of social transformation by connecting people and projects that reflect the 10 values presented in Global Values: A New Paradigm for a New World by Karin Miller: unity, community, life, freedom, connection, sustainability, creativity, empowerment, choice, and integrity.

Our New Evolution works across sectors of society to tell the story of unity consciousness in nonsectarian language and can serve as a common thread uniting people of all different religions, cultures, and political viewpoints. By focusing on positive values that we share in common rather than our differences, we can work towards transforming society for the good of everyone.

The evolutionary power of social transformation

Today, we live in a world largely dominated by fear, isolation, separation, and individualism. Our world is in crisis and requires a new approach. Now is the time to shift to a paradigm based on community, connection, oneness, and the interdependence of all things.  

Helping social change organizations reach more people

Our New Evolution helps social transformation groups collaborate with each other, providing platforms, tools and resources that increase their audience and impact. A peace group may join forces with those interested in the green movement and sustainability. A social justice initiative may collaborate with animal rights groups.

When we are united as ONE, we can achieve anything. Our New Evolution helps accelerate social transformation through Global Values and works to foster connections within every sector of society: government, education, technology, business, and media. 

How can I get involved?

To learn more about Our New Evolution and how you can help affect a change in the world around you, sign up for our newsletter today. Our New Evolution is also on all of your favorite social media networks. Like our page on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on the latest happenings here at ONE. Make your own videos that reflect Global Values and send them to us so that we can share them online around the world. You can also use the Global Values Handbook for individual study or group discussion.  Gather your friends and start a book club or organize a Global Values event.