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The Illusion Of Separation
by Karin Miller • Santa Monica, CA

Terrorism: It is on the minds and hearts of us all in these troubling times. What is it that fuels the need to inflict terror, and what can we do as a people to begin to heal these rifts within our communities?

When we look at incidents like those in Paris and San Bernardino, we see acts of terrorism based on isolation and the idea of an “other”—the illusion of separation. Terrorists think that they are separate from those they terrorize, truly believing that they exist outside of the human family, outside of society, and therefore having nothing to lose. We continue to hear about isolated individuals being lured into ISIS. Why is that? They are looking for hope beyond a world that has disappointed them, and they find that hope in the promise of an afterlife available to them through their death. Quite simply, people who are happy don’t blow themselves up. [READ MORE HERE]



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