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Karin Miller Interview on America Meditating Radio

Listen to this inspiring interview of Karin Miller by Sister Jenna on America Meditating Radio as they discuss the power of Global Values to heal the wounds that divide us. Enjoy! 

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Do you value UNITY? The value of Unity can serve as a common thread connecting people of diverse cultures, religions, and political viewpoints. “Together we make up one body of life. Our diversity is a celebration of all that is. Together, we are whole.”—Karin Miller, Global Values: A New Paradigm For A New World.

What does Unity mean to you? Submit videos & photos about Unity for a chance to have them added to the ONE Youtube Channel and Website at

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Our New Evolution (ONE) - Now LIVE on YouTube

The Promise of a New, Better World for All of Us Based upon the values presented in her new book, Global Values: A New Paradigm for a New World, Karin Miller brings us Our New Evolution (ONE). ONE is devoted to sharing these Global Values—Unity, Community, Life, Freedom, Connection, Sustainability, Creativity, Empowerment, Choice and Integrity—to support economic stability, environmental sustainability, peace, social justice and spirituality with people from all walks of life. The mission is to connect people and organizations within a values-based movement of social transformation. Why Social Transformation? Too often, in our daily lives, we find ourselves focused on...

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