Global Values and the Holiday Season

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How to Survive the Chaos

Posted by Karin Miller on November 27, 2016

As we again move toward the holiday season, life can become very chaotic. Extensive shopping and preparations for holiday festivities can turn the season into drudgery if we lose our focus on what is important. In my own life, I find that if I focus on the people in my life rather than my to-do list, I am a much happier person.

In my book, Global Values: A New Paradigm For A New World, I assert that we have the power to choose how we act and react, what we value, and how we live. Through the end of the year, will you get caught up in the stress of preparing the perfect meal and buying presents, or will you slow down and take time to enjoy your friends and family and perhaps even invite someone different to the table?

With the craziness of the presidential elections and the turmoil at Standing Rock, our view of the world can spin in the direction of fear and panic quite easily. We can choose to amplify such alarming news by clinging to old ways, to that which is familiar even if it isn’t good for us. Alternatively, we can choose to rise above our old paradigm of self-preservation and open the door to community, seeking to understand those who think and act differently than we do.

Rather than focusing on a shopping to-do list, try out these simple tasks that will help you to choose love and openness over fear this holiday season: 

  1. Connect with a stranger and learn about his or her holiday tradition.
  2. Listen to someone who holds views that are different than yours and try to understand his or her perspective without judgment.
  3. Give gifts that reflect holistic values and even consider giving the Global Values book. It’s a great conversations starter! 

I wish you love and peace this holiday season!


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