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Based upon the values presented in her new book, Global Values: A New Paradigm for a New World, Karin Miller brings us Our New Evolution (ONE). ONE is devoted to sharing these Global Values—Unity, Community, Life, Freedom, Connection, Sustainability, Creativity, Empowerment, Choice and Integrity—to support economic stability, environmental sustainability, peace, social justice and spirituality with people from all walks of life. The mission is to connect people and organizations within a values-based movement of social transformation.

Why Social Transformation?

Too often, in our daily lives, we find ourselves focused on feelings of separation and isolation and leave ourselves open to a wide range of negative feelings. By shifting our perspective to focus on the interconnectedness, interdependence and oneness of all things, we can transform our lives and instill a more positive outlook that we can share with everyone we encounter in our daily lives. This social transformation that we are all reaching towards, is one that can benefit not just mankind, but every aspect of creation.

Prepare to Evolve

Our New Evolution is the catalyst for this change and together, we can create a better life for people in our own communities and around the world. Let’s bring together today’s religions and cultures and span political viewpoints the world over and make a real difference that will incite positivity for everyone. Pick upyour copy of Global Values and get excited about our world again!

Connect With ONE Today

To learn more about Our New Evolution and how you can help affect a change in the world around you, visit www.OurNewEvolution.org and join us on the ONE YouTube ChannelTwitter and Facebook.  

Global Values reach across cultural, religious and political boundaries, uniting us as one.

 UNITY: Together we make up one body of life. Our diversity is a celebration of all that is. Together, we are whole.

COMMUNITY: Because we are one, individuals acting in isolation are often ineffective.  By joining forces with others, we will realize our full potential.   

 LIFE: Life energizes and moves all things. The continuity of life is the core of our existence.  

 FREEDOM: Freedom is a natural right. Democratic principles are the foundation of social justice. 

 CONNECTION: All things have a profound impact on each other: global economies, cultures, environments, political systems, and our minds, bodies, and spirits. 

 SUSTAINABILITY: Sustainable practices are essential to maintain the flow of life for the individual, the community, and the world.

 CREATIVITY: Our purpose in life is to create and express ourselves in our unique and diverse ways that support the lives of others.

 EMPOWERMENT: By empowering others, we empower ourselves because we are all one. We can only realize our true power together.

 CHOICE: We have the freedom to choose what we create and destroy, how we act and react, what we value, and how we live.

 INTEGRITY: Everything is integrated - inherently complete, undivided parts of the whole. When we remember our oneness, we act with integrity to the benefit of all.

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