Global Values is getting amazing five star reviews!

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Global Values: A New Paradigm For A New World is gaining great reviews on!  In addition to the wonderful comments on this site, check out what other people are saying:

"This is the book that everyone needs to read right now. Karin has done a stellar job of articulating the ideas that will help return sanity to a world gone mad and hit the abort button for the self destruct mode that we are in today."

"Like the board game Othello, the Global Values articulated in this book take “a minute to learn, a lifetime to master.” It is well-written and concise, but offers a new way to think about the vast array of seemingly intractable problems that bedevil humanity. The author organizes her ideas around ten principles: unity, community, life, freedom, connection, sustainability, creativity, empowerment, choice and integrity. She paints in broad brush strokes, a necessity given the complexity of the problems she considers, creating a portrait of a world in crisis. She offers hope and guidance to individuals and communities rather than detailed prescriptive policies for national governments or political parties. She writes not for those who seek simplistic solutions to complex problems, but rather for the rest of us who wonder why ideology is in such abundance these days. The world is much more complicated than any board game, but we are all going to lose badly if we do not learn how to play."

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