The End of the First Chapter of Human History

Why the 21st Century is Going to be the Most Dramatic and Disruptive One of All

by Umair Haque

originally posted on Medium on February 24, 2019

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Embracing the Immaterial Universe

Materialism and reductionism engender the idea that humans are disconnected from, and above, nature. The noetic vision emphasizes that life is derived from an integration and coordination of both the physical and the immaterial parts of the universe. The resolution of our global crisis requires the integration of reductionist and holistic perspectives. This revisioning of conventional science is seeding creative minorities who will rescue us from extinction.

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Karin Miller Interview on America Meditating Radio

Listen to this inspiring interview of Karin Miller by Sister Jenna on America Meditating Radio as they discuss the power of Global Values to heal the wounds that divide us. Enjoy! 

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Difficult conversations have great power

Posted by Karin Miller on January 28, 2017

Politics, religion, the economy and cultural issues can be challenging to discuss in today's polarized climate. Conservatives view liberals as naive and liberals view conservatives as morally corrupt. Why have the conversation if both sides are unwilling to compromise?  When faced with positions that challenge our own, many emotions can arise - anger, frustration, even hatred. It's easy to turn away from such feelings, but we can only find common ground by moving through them. If we let our emotions bubble up and sit with them while we actively listen to each other, beauty and understanding can arise.  

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Global Values and the Holiday Season

How to Survive the Chaos

Posted by Karin Miller on November 27, 2016

As we again move toward the holiday season, life can become very chaotic. Extensive shopping and preparations for holiday festivities can turn the season into drudgery if we lose our focus on what is important. In my own life, I find that if I focus on the people in my life rather than my to-do list, I am a much happier person.

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