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GA 350

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. On the Second Coming of Man. Gymnastics, Dance and Sports Not Yet Available 30 May 1923 Dornach
2. The Working of the Etheric and Astral in Man and the Earth Not Yet Available 02 Jun 1923 Dornach
3. Blood Circulation and Heart Movement. Spiritual Perception through the Eye Lens Not Yet Available 06 Jun 1923 Dornach
4. Light and Color Effects in Earth Substances and World Bodies Not Yet Available 09 Jun 1923 Dornach
5. Effects of Guardian Angels Not Yet Available 13 Jun 1923 Dornach
6. On the Deeper Causes of the World War Catastrophe Not Yet Available 16 Jun 1923 Dornach
7. The In-working of the Star Constellations on the Earth and Mankind Not Yet Available 25 Jun 1923 Dornach
8. The Development of Independent Thinking and of the Ability To Think Backward Learning to See in the Spiritual World 28 Jun 1923 Dornach
9. The Uses of What Seems Boring: The Spiritual World as the Inverse of the Physical Learning to See in the Spiritual World 30 Jun 1923 Dornach
10. Developing Honesty In Thinking Learning to See in the Spiritual World 07 Jul 1923 Dornach
11. Learning to Live Correctly in the Outer World Learning to See in the Spiritual World 18 Jul 1923 Dornach
12. Lecture for the Workers at the Goetheanum Not Yet Available 20 Jul 1923 Dornach
13. The Origin of Conscience in the Course of Human Evolution Not Yet Available 25 Jul 1923 Dornach
14. Lung Knowledge and Kidney Knowledge Not Yet Available 28 Jul 1923 Dornach
15. Druid-Wisdom — The Mithras Cult — The Catholic Cult — The Cult of Freemasonry — The Cult of the Christian Community Not Yet Available 10 Sep 1923 Dornach
16. On Nutrition Cosmic Workings In Earth and Man 22 Sep 1923 Dornach