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GA 73

No. Lecture Title Book Title Date City
1. Anthroposophy and Psychology. Spiritual-Scientific Findings on Questions of the Human Soul Untranslated 05 Nov 1917 Zürich
2. Anthroposophy and History. Spiritual-Scientific Research Results about Man and His Cultural Forms Untranslated 07 Nov 1917 Zürich
3. Anthroposophy and Natural Science Spiritual-Scientific Findings on Nature and the Nature of Man Untranslated 12 Nov 1917 Zürich
4. Anthroposophy and the Social Sciences. Spiritual-Scientific Results on Law, Morality and social Forms Untranslated 14 Nov 1917 Zürich
5. Is a Supersensible Basis of Knowledge Scientifically Justifiable? Untranslated 08 Oct 1918 Zürich
6. The Spiritual-Scientific Structure of Soul-Research Untranslated 10 Oct 1918 Zürich
7. Knowledge of Nature, Social Science and Religious Life in the Light of Spiritual Scientific Outlook Untranslated 15 Oct 1918 Zürich
8. The History of Modern Times in Light of Spiritual-Scientific Forces Untranslated 17 Oct 1918 Zürich